Don’t Buy Puppies With Docked Tails

Don’t Buy Puppies With Docked Tails

Please don’t buy puppies with docked tails

We are regularly seeing new puppies with docked tails although this practice is considered a criminal offence.

Tail Docking Simplified 
It must be clarified:-

  • that as of I June 2008 the SA Veterinary Council decided that it will no longer condone the routine tail docking of puppies by veterinarians as they would be in contravention of the Animals Protection Act, unless done for therapeutic reasons;
  • that docking of tails when undertaken by non-veterinarians is, in addition to being a contravention of the Animal Protection Act, a surgical procedure which is also a contravention of the Veterinary Act, regardless of how it is done.

In other words, tail docking is a criminal offence no matter who does it. There is no exclusion for breeders.
A full article on the decision by the SA Veterinary Council can be read at

Scientific research has shown that tail docking is a painful and traumatic experience for a puppy, even if performed under local anaesthetic. Even at a few days of age, puppies have a heightened sense of pain(more than an adult) and a fully developed nervous system. Skin, blood vessels, nerves, bone and cartilage are cut during the procedure. If it is poorly done, problems such as nerve damage, neuroma, pain, bleeding, infection, problems with defecating and urinating and even death can occur.  Using elastrator bands to cut off blood supply are also incredibly painful. Studies show that exposing the puppies to such pain actually affects their emotional development and their responses to pain and stress later in adulthood.

Historically, tail docking was thought to prevent rabies, strengthen the back, increase the animal’s speed, and prevent injuries when working, ratting, fighting, and baiting. In Georgian times, working dogs (distinguished by their docked tails) were exempt from taxes and so many breeds became traditionally docked.

Please don’t buy puppies with docked tails as you are  condoning a practice that is criminal, cruel and unnecessary in a civilised society

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This video is not for the faint hearted.