December 2017 Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter

Help—my dog is vomiting! What should I do?

If your dog is bright and alert, and only vomits once, it is probably not necessary to call your veterinarian. For instance many dogs will vomit after eating grass . If  your dog vomits more than once or appears sick, call us. We will ask you a series of questions to determine how severe the vomiting is. It will be helpful for us to know when the vomiting started, how many times your dog has vomited, what the vomit looks like, and if your dog is uncomfortable. It is especially important that  we see your  pet if :

  • Your dog acts like he wants to vomit, but nothing is expelled
  • Your dog appears bloated or has a swollen abdomen
  • You suspect your dog may have eaten something toxic or poisonous
  • Your dog has a fever or is depressed
  • Your dog’s gums are pale or yellow
  • Your dog is a puppy or has not received all his vaccinations
  • Your dog appears to be in pain
  • Your dog also has diarrhoea
  • There is blood in the vomit

Do not give your dog any medications, including over-the-counter human medications unless advised by your veterinarian to do so.

Opening hours and appointments.

We will continue to be available over the Christmas  period and there is a vet at the surgery  each and every day of the year.

On public holidays we are here between 9 and 10 am. Saturday the 16’th is also a public holiday  so we  will only be open between 9 and 10 am.

On all other days we are open  as usual .

Just a reminder that out opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 7: 30  – 17:45

Saturday 7:30  – 12:00

Sundays and Public holidays 9:00  – 10:00

Our consultations  work  by appointments so please could  you phone before  coming in to schedule a time . By working via appointment we can try to  ensure that your pet is seen by the same vet and we can also avoid client s and patients having a long a stressful wait until they are seen.

Emergencies are seen to as soon as possible .  Routine surgeries are only done on weekdays.

Our in patient kennels are  well equipped to hospitalize patient’s that need to stay overnight. The kennels are temperature controlled and monitored by CCTV. Eunice and Francina live  just behind the kennels .

We do not offer 24 hours monitoring so patients with intensive care needs are referred to a 24 hours facility.

Repeat Prescriptions

When dispensing medicines we are governed and held accountable by the South African Veterinary Council and Medicine Control Council.

  • We are unable to dispense any schedule drug for a patient that we have not seen ( this includes drugs like pain killers, sedatives, antibiotics, medicated ear drops.)
  • If a patient is on a chronic medication they need to be seen every 6 months for a check up. In rare circumstance this can be extended to an annual check up.

If your pet  needs their  prescription refilled please phone ahead so we can get it ready for you.

We are very glad to have  Aimee Hendrikzs back with us. Aimee has worked in veterinary retail for the past 3 years and  has  a good idea of what toys and treats are best suited to your pets.

We have stocked up on toys and treats but there is such a huge variety of products available we are unable to carry them all.

If you have any specific needs please give Aimee so that she can source it for you.

Some  of the items that we are able to order in are  travel crates, muzzles and a wide variety of different beds.

Dr Cindi Leitch on maternity leave.

The more observant of you may have noticed that Dr Leitch  is  expecting her second child in December.  While Cindi is on maternity leave Dr Daniela Hughes will be filling in for her.

Dr Hughes  grew  up and qualified as a vet in Germany. She then came to South Africa  in 2005 to do a post graduate degree in veterinary reproduction were she met her husband and decided to live in this beautiful county.

Dr Hughes has a wealth of knowledge and experience in small animal veterinary practice and is also a specialist in the field of veterinary reproduction