Kennels versus Petsitter. Which is better?

Kennels versus Petsitter. Which is better?

Over the past years we have seen a increase in the use of pet sitters as a way to look after your pet while you are away. There is no denying that most pets are much more comfortable in their home environment as opposed to the kennels but this does not mean that the house sitter option is best for all pets.

Some of the disadvantages to having a house sitter are:

– Accidents are more likely to happen at home, as for the most part of the day, there is no supervision and more space for accidents to occur.
– If an accident or illness occurs it is not always dealt with promptly and this can have severe repercussions.
– If the house sitter is unable to handle or transport your pet there is no way that it can be taken to the vet.

Some of the disadvantages to leaving your Pet in a Kennel are:

– Multiple animals in the kennels can be costly.
–  Certain animals get very stressed in kennel situation and this can lead to problems such as weight loss or gastro-intestinal upsets.
–  If your animals are not vaccinated they are more prone to contracting infectious diseases.

There is no right or wrong and it depends on your circumstances.

Whatever your choice please always:

– Make sure that your pet can be taken to the vet if they fall ill.
–  Make sure you are contactable in cases of emergency. For example if your pets has a spinal disc prolapse would you be happy for it to go for and MRI spinal surgery? These decisions need to be made quickly as delaying surgery will make for a poorer prognosis.
–  If going to the kennels make sure vaccinations (including kennel cough) are up to date. Take your pets usual food to avoid GI upsets.

If your pet is on chronic medications make that sure you have enough to last them while you are away and, that the carer is able to medicate them properly .